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I would like to take the time to present some of my deep felt beliefs.  Often I'm either too shy, too busy or the time is not right to share what I feel are the most important elements in my life.  God is good and his blessings to this family are many.  He has watched over us and kept us through tough times and good times.  Sometimes I ponder what my life would be like without the faith in a loving God.  The other possible paths scare me.

We struggle to balance the priorities of God, family and church.  There are many things that pull us in may different directions simultaneously.  Balancing these throughout our life is a challenge but with Jesus first, the others often fall into place easier.  As this family grows, our goal is to pass on to the next generation, the importance of these priorities.  The world emphasizes 'me first', but we are challenged to put me further down the list and put God first.  Only then can our country and society be healed of these unbelievable acts of violence in our schools and churches.

Most of my grown life, I have been closely involved with science.  I am constantly amazed at how it points so clearly to a Creator, but many people are close minded to the evidence.  There is incredibly strong evidence of a Creator in the fine tuning that is inherent at all levels of nature, from the chemical properties of atomic water to the amount of matter created in the big bang explosion.  I find this evidence to be very reassuring to my faith.  I have a ton of 'why' questions that I would love to ask God, profound things like why did he allow evil. For now, I must settle for the things that I know in part.  There is an absolute truth, Jesus loves all of us and wishes for all to listen to and obey his voice.